About Us

Welcome to the Canadian Fighting Center. We are Winnipeg's #1 Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. If you want to train in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts, and if you want to get into great shape, then we have it all for you under one roof!

The Canadian KickBoxing and Muay Thai Centre (CKMTC) was established in Winnipeg's West End in 2002 as a strict KickBoxing and Muay Thai Gym with the focus on building fighters and competition. With the growth of MMA, we transformed into the Canadian Fighting Center (CFC) in 2009, and have truly become a Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We offer multiple programs with World Class Instructors, and build Martial Artist's from the ground up as young as 5 years old.

We always invite anyone interested in Martial Arts Training to come down and visit us in person, so they can see and experience CFC Gym Winnipeg for themselves! 


Thank you,
Giuseppe DeNatale
CFC Owner, President & Head Coach

Our Facility

We guarantee that your experience at our facility will be second to none... come down and see for yourself!

Learn more about Our Facility here.

We take pride in making sure that our training area is clean and sanitized for use. We provide a clean and safe atmosphere for all those who wish to come and train with us.