November Update

Hello Everyone,

UFC Winnipeg is just around the corner and I am happy to say that my longtime Striking coach and friend, Duke Roufus, will be in town to corner his fighter John Makdessi. John is a talented Martial Artist from Montreal, this will be his second time fighting in Winnipeg. John fought in Winnipeg in 2010 for CFC.

Duke has been making regular trips to Winnipeg since 1997, and Canadian Fighting Center has been a Roufusport Affliate School since 2002. Duke’s world class coaching can help the skill set of any fighter. Duke also fought in Winnipeg in 2007.

I am sure that everyone in the Winnipeg combat sports community is very excited to have UFC (The biggest combat sports promotion in the World) back in our city for an event…I know I am!

Also, news on our new building, and interior pictures coming soon…

Stay tuned to and our social media pages for news and updates!

Thank You,
Giuseppe DeNatale

CFC Gym Winnipeg

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    Very strong

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